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Nagapushpa Devendra

Ms. Nagapushpa Devendra is a Doctoral Researcher at the Chair of International Relations and Conflict Studies. She is currently working on Iran-China partnership. Her area of concentration are regional conflicts, Strategic Affairs and Domestic Politics in West Asia (Middle East). 

Prior to Joining University of Erfurt, She was a Researcher at the MP- Institute of Defence Studies and Analyses (Premiere think tank under the Ministry of Defense). She worked on Conflict and Security in the West Asia and the Role of External Actors, particularly Russia and China. She also worked as an Consultant for British Broadcasting Cooperation (BBC), focusing on developments in Asia, mainly China and India. She has also worked as a Research Associate at the Institute of Perception Studies, dedicated to the study and understanding of perception through in-depth and methodologically innovative access of its impact on society and politics. She was also an Ambassador for Greenpeace India where her main task was to enlighten the people, cooperates sector, companies and industries on environmental issues and sustainable energy.