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Dr. Timo Walter

Dr. Timo Walter is Maître assistant at the Institut d’études politiques, Faculté des sciences sociales et politiques, Université de Lausanne.

His research interests lie at the intersection between (international) political economy and the sociology of capitalism. In recent years, he has published predominantly on the role that central banks have played in the financialization of capitalism since the 1980s.  Drawing on insights from the Social Studies of Finance, his research over the next few years will focus on the co-production of « Rational Expectations » as a frame for organizing different forms of economic expertise and configuring a « financialized » governmentality of macroeconomic governance and financial regulation. Currently, he is working on a number of papers investigating the sources of uncertainty and fragility in the financial system.

His work on these issues aims at understanding financialization as a nascent socio-economic regime « performing » a conception of value elaborated in and through economic expertise. To examine these processes of distributed performativity, his work draws heavily on Science and Technology Studies, as well as linguistic and semiotic analyses.